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Alex Chan, Babbobox CEO

Alex Chan, Babbobox CEO
28 Feb 2020 | 342 Views
King Vajiralongkorn's New Year Speech 2018
18 Jun 2019 | 1000 Views
Bangkok, Thailand
18 Jun 2019 | 728 Views

24 Apr 2019 | 932 Views

20 Apr 2019 | 758 Views

Alex Chan, Babbobox CEO


by DCD Converged Indonesia on April 7, 2016

by National Archives

Eugene Loh speaks to Alex Chan

Video Label & Shot Detection

Drone Footage

Drone Footage

Video OCR

Costs of Production

Consumer Choice

Demand and Supply (Continuation)

Demand and Supply

Detected Faces

Full Length Video

Detected Face Emotions
Detected Motions

Laptop Stolen From Car Within A Minute

at Kathmandu on 12 May 2015

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Alex Chan, Babbobox CEO

Malaysia Elections Polling Day on 9 May 2018

Don't let the bastards get you

Unleashing the Next Wave

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短片創作計劃 - 黃修平

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Malaysia General Elections on 10 May 2018

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