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Chonchi. Oh, yes, I companies very, very old, I didn't more more than 70 years.
So one of the Chinese marriages that work for this you being boss approach my father. They bundled start a new business. I can teach you again. Look for you, you buy with the business and then II do all the management for you.
My father won't.
We need new generation to expand and then we definitely need more sales people to go to see service the customers, which is one of the?
Main main main trading business now, especially we've computer technology coming into the market and we are not even touch on everything of this, I keep it down.
So the name that means we are very slow and not catching up a bit the market trend at all.
Transfer Muncie hopefully we've compute uh coming in. I don't need had to go to the stores and meet the new generation coming. Everything will be improved and as competitive as many people.
Presently, the stuff is chunky are working very much in silo. The have lack of communication or tools to communicate with one another so bit Skype for business I.
You can utilize that can make it with one another at anytime of the day and even during the weekends as some of our customers being hawkers and restores the operate during the weekends as now.
One Missy with the implementation of the Microsoft computers and systems here is that there are more communication. Among the staff. The young ping more exposed with computers are not teaching the seniors on how to use it and.
The senior switch with the experience information are finishing the data from the younger of stuff to enter into the computer.
He pulled that are used to have a pile of books or people. Then then the old telephone book. Where do scroll. For every patient look for my my customers or whatever for number now I can use?
Computer just coen of course I have to learn to be more fluent.
Successful means to me is to be relevant in the market to be competent. If we have to be better today than we were yesterday. What we need to do is move the Times and bring the business and.
But the online I would expect that obviously it would be less than 5 years that we should have the system. The commas and they both not only to serve our staff better, but also to outlines outlines.
Also, moving ahead of times.

Cheong Kee
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