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Good morning and Welcome to news now I'm going to lexam and I'm Julie you and hear your headlines sis our voting underway in what's billed as a tough best selection fight in Malaysian history as Prime Minister Nasir razaf ends off and charge at the leadership from his or a mentor.
Matir my hand it.
The summer of Asian powers China South Korea and Japan address is North Korea and international trade friction edited trilateral meeting in Tokyo will cross live to the summit just ahead.
But I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.
The future of the Iran nuclear deal and out as president Donald Trump reimpose sanctions on tehran's parking Kong nation from Europe.
Polls have opened in malaysia's 14th in general election almost 15000000 eligible voters will cast their ballots in over 8000 polling stations across the country Malaysian police have deployed nearly 11,000 personnel to ensure security.
But this race is seen as the toughest since the country's independence in 1957 and a short while ago a Prime Minister nazor ronza voted and the puck on paha the Ward he is defending.
Just being now.
Facom election in terms of physical.
Aspect of the election is not been set against.
But it has been quite vicious in the context.
It's not attacks which is very.
Listen to flex.
But mostly what it means when the people to decide on the destiny of this nation and must be based on the facts must be from the policy.
If you saw who can fix should know best plan for the nation in the oil?
Charhi off mine is at the polling center in book on pie hanga sure he does you were there when Mr. Nigel voted and we got a glimpse of him speaking to the media tell us more please.
Lance that's right Mr. najib razak was here earlier and he was definitely in a very positive and very confident mood he give an hour later from the expected time but he was definitely in a positive mood.
After casting his vote he actually address the media like you mentioned which wasn't as s*** gilty even a way to the residents here and showed his ingelfinger know at this point out there about 1000 voters here behind to me I understand that they have already been 1000 people.
Who have cast their votes at this ball pulling center there is expecting about 3000 people from the book on constituency and of course the book is he is a major stronghold for barsine a national Jewish historical significance?
So Mr. Nigel wants to continue that legacy that his father has created.
In the earlier years his father was of course the second Prime Minister of Malaysia Mr.
So I'll do a rather Hussein lens back to you pick you should hear off one input can Palm.
And Meanwhile down South in the state of horror what are the opposition leaders within yaseinn cast his ballot and he spoke to a reporter about his hopes as a voter.
I've just.
Before my duty as a citizen.
I delivered my votes you don't have to ask who I voted for.
I hope across this is a historic location I have exercised my right.
You know what I'm doing I went to see that there is a change in the in the country change in the government.
And I think we have fought for a long while.
What changed happen?
That's crossover now it's a young white kid he's in more enjoy hallway Mr. mohidin voted.
What joy is one of the key battlegrounds in Mr. will here in his one of the key figures for the opposition now what's the latest from where you are please?
Yes lansom about half an hour ago we didn't just sayin left at this voting center in fact he was sitting here taking a rest after casting his vote and he was talking to residents.
Who are here he's a familiar face in more he some more boy grew up here studied in market in fact I over heard residence saying go to have to say hi and tell him you're saying so Sir friend he will know you so obviously a very familiar face in more up a very quick?
Context about more this parliamentary seat is being defended by it's incumbent result you brought him from buddies and now he's been in the MP 43 terms are he is now being challenged by captain had a bunch of sites as well as.
But it is long past.
As this talyp that's what's happening here more is one of the hottest seats contested in johol and as I speak up when he didn't Justin is now on its way to pargo and that's his seat where he's defending.
It's about half an hours drive from here and he is also a familiar face in part because he's held that's it for nearly 40 years he is also facing a 3 cornered fight he's facing a fight with his former prodigy from but it's a national is smile.
Mahamat he was his father prodigy he's worked together with him he's learned a lot from were hiding in the 5 years working the ground in goal we getting yes it's also facing an end up past candidates file and hearing is set you have a very long day ahead of him he's going to visit polling centers.
In pago is also be he'll also be visiting a polling centers in gambari the states it where he's also contesting and he showed it to fly to Kuala Lumpur are in the afternoon where he will be based on for the rest of the day.
Nice thank you like it we can also tell you that 92 year old former Prime Minister doctor Martin mom it will be voting in cut up later this.
And there's been some controversy over to recent redrawing a district boundaries and what it means for voters with dendam and the impact on the results take a look.
When malaysians go to the polls some will realize their voting under a different district from the last general election in 2013 and that's because the election commission has redrawn the boundaries?
A total of 98 parliamentary seats have been affected by the new boundaries that's more than half of the 165 seats in Peninsula Malaysia drawhorn salango and pyrox the states most affected more than 2 thirds.
Of their constituencies are redrawn they also happen to be at the top 3 states with the most seeds at stake on the Peninsula accounting for a third of the seats in the federal parliament and among them redrawn wards in.
So long all have opposition leaders crying file their cues the election commission of gerrymandering essentially packing opposition supporters into strong opposition towards while it could mean a stronger win for the opposition.
In those words it could also translate into fewer seats over all the opposition one of the most cited examples is the patelin jiahu Tara seat held by the opposition it used to have over 84,000 voters.
Now renamed damansara it has more than 150 thousand voters that's been compared with put Regina which has only one 10th the number of voters and that's a very sad not so now or BN stronghold.
According to analysis by the Malaysian daily the star BN would have 18 more parliamentary seats in Peninsula Malaysia if the new boundaries were used in the 2013 election but the prime minister's office.
Get back at the accusations of gerrymandering it says the redrawing of electoral boundaries reflects population growth it is entirely normal free from political interference and managed by the independent.
Election commission.
And justice what are some of the key events that will impact this election let's take a look.
Since the 2013 pools there have been many twists and turns for both sides of the political aisle on the road to GE 2018 making this election too hard to call in 2015 the opposition.
But a blow when its leader on what you brought him fail to win an appeal against his conviction he was handed a 5 year jail term effectively ending his election hopes within 4 months.
Malesian Islamic party or pass withdrew from the opposition coalition the smaller coalition rebrand itself as f*** it on her up on but it wasn't all rosy for the ruling party you know I didn't believe.
So organization or I'm not either in that same month the Wall Street Journal accused Prime Minister najib razak off funnelling nearly $700 Million from the sovereign wealth fund one MDB.
Into his personal bank account the attorney general would lead to clear Mr. najib of any wrongdoing but not before his ruling party yamano suffered its own split over the scandal in July deputy Prime Minister and we didn't ya sinho had criticized.
It's not handling of one MDB was dropped in the cabinet reshuffle he was sacked from know about a year later but not before former Prime Minister.
Delta party a huge blow by resigning for the second time Mr. more you didn't soon joined forces with doctor martier to form a new political party called party pribumi researcher melissia or bersatu.
Within 4 months bersatu formed an electoral pact with pocket on her upon by March 2017 bersatu became part of the coalition officially by January earlier this year.
It turns component parties managed to settle on a candidate for Prime Minister know if the coalition wins doctor my heart it wouldn't be the Prime Minister well it's one of these are what is my own Mr. I was wife.
Would become deputy Prime Minister but the opposition deal comes with strings attached is done why is expected to be released from prison the 8th of June 2018 and when is freed pakatan would seek?
Royal pardon for Mr. are so that he can run in a by election and eventually replace the doctor maharadja but that's provided the opposition coalition wins the majority to begin with.
But still ahead on news now the first visit by a Chinese premier to Japan and some years will have more of the summit between Japan China and South Korea right after this.
It's been dubbed the mother of all elections a do or die battle a Prime Minister najib razak.
In the leader to malaysia's 14th general election in sightings and is the political state of play on the road to put a giant.
And post election is drawing a panel of experts in the forum to discuss the issues and implications of the result don't miss the exclusive 3 part inside special catch it online and on channel news Asia.
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Malaysia Elections Polling Day on 9 May 2018
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